Top Gun Range Accessories You Need Now

Going to the gun range is a great way to train for self-defense, spend your leisure time or even enjoy time with friends and family. However, if you are ready to take your shooting game to the next level, you need to invest in our list of the ultimate gun range accessories! Whether you want to improve your shooting fundamentals or just have fun, these gun range accessories are perfect for everyone!

Here are the top gun range accessories you need!

  1. Holster
  2. Ear & eye protection
  3. Extra or extended magazines
  4. Ammo bag & Cleaning kit
  5. Tripod



If you own any pistol or small firearm, then you know that a holster is a necessity. Not only will a gun case or holster keep your gun secured, but you can practice and gain confidence from drawing your firearm from a hip or concealed carry position. Having this confidence and experience means you can be ready if the time comes to keep your family safe or and your home secure.

Holsters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you choose to wear a shoulder holster or an in waist band holster, either way, practice is what’s most important. Make sure that you are allowed to bring a holster before you visit a gun range. Some may require that you only carry your gun in a locked case while transporting it. However, a holster is a gun range accessory that you can use almost anywhere. Although not all ranges will let you practice drawing from a holster. Whether you want to wear it at the range or in a grocery store, it’s a necessity.


Ear & Eye Protection

While on the gun range, you won’t be the only one who is firing. Odds are you’ll be shooting with multiple other people who are firing as well. Indoor ranges can be especially loud since they’re an enclosed room. Therefore, investing in some quality ear protection is a necessity for any prudent gun owner. Most ranges won’t even let you in the door without ear protection and are often so loud that they can cause serious ear damage. Don’t jeopardize your hearing when there are many great product options! Protect your ears with some classic gun range accessories. 

Eye protection may seem like an afterthought, but it’s still essential. Often while shooting, debris of some type may fly back and hit you. While its often harmless and falls away quickly, it can be still hot or sharp, and you don’t want to take the chance of exposing your eyes to damage. A pair of safety glasses or thick sunglasses will work well for most cases.


Extra or Extended Magazines 

These gun range accessories serve two purposes. One, you’ll maximize your stay at the gun range and not have to reload as often. Who doesn’t want that? Two, you can use extended magazines in real-life situations. So, not only is it fun to shoot more rounds, but you are also training to use them in emergency circumstances.


Cleaning Kit and Ammo Bag

Probably one of the more underrated gun range accessories you could own is an ammo bag. A bag for all of your gun gear is vital! You don’t want to carry ammo, extended magazines, your protective equipment, and your cleaning kit all loose in arms do you?

What’s the key to maintaining your firearm? A cleaning kit. Investing in a cleaning kit is essential to preserving your gun at its maximum performance. After every session at the range you should break down your firearm and give it a good cleaning. Often powders and propellants used by ammunition manufacturers can be corrosive if left on bare metal surfaces. That’s one way you can end up with pitting in the barrel of your weapon over time.



For those dedicated long-range shooters, a tripod is a must! A tripod helps to improve your accuracy and instill good shooting fundamentals. Tripods come in various designs and sizes so that you can customize your gun and preferences to your liking. Tripods bring a whole new dynamic to shooting and make it a more fun experience with certain firearms.


Finding Gun Range Accessories

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