A double-barrel shotgun, also known as a side-by-side shotgun, is a popular firearm that has been used for various purposes over the years. From hunting to self-defense, these shotguns have a wide range of applications, making them a popular choice among gun enthusiasts.

In this blog, we will discuss the different uses of a double-barrel shotgun, it’s benefits, why it is such a versatile weapon.



One of the most common uses of a double-barrel shotgun is for hunting. This shotgun is ideal for hunting birds, such as pheasants, quails, and ducks, as it offers a wider range of coverage compared to a single-barrel shotgun.

With its two barrels, hunters can shoot two rounds quickly, increasing their chances of hitting their target. Additionally, double-barrel shotguns are usually more compact and lightweight, making them easier to carry around during a hunt.


Sport Shooting

Double-barrel shotguns are also popular among sport shooters. They are used in various sporting events, such as trap shooting, skeet shooting, and sporting clays. In these events, shooters use their shotguns to hit clay targets that are launched into the air at high speeds.

They are also used in Cowboy Action Shooting, as they are synonymous in many people’s minds with the old west. While the pump shotgun provides a higher rate of fire, the side-by-side is a classic design.

The side-by-side configuration of the shotgun provides an even distribution of weight, making it easier to aim and shoot accurately. Additionally, the two barrels allow for quick follow-up shots, which are necessary in these fast-paced events.



Another use of a double-barrel shotgun is for self-defense. While not as common as other firearms, double-barrel shotguns have been used for self-defense in the past. The two barrels provide the shooter with two shots, increasing the likelihood of hitting an attacker.

The sound of a shotgun being cocked can also be enough to deter an intruder or attacker. However, it’s important to note that shotguns, including double-barrel shotguns, can be dangerous and should only be used by trained individuals.

One consideration for self defense, however, is the limited ammunition capacity. The shotgun is powerful, but with a double barrel you only have two shots before you need to reload. There are certainly more efficient weapons to purchase for home or self defense.



Double-barrel shotguns are also popular among collectors. Many models are highly sought after due to their historical significance or unique design. For example, some double-barrel shotguns were made by renowned gunmakers, such as Parker, Holland & Holland, and Purdey.

These shotguns can also hold sentimental value for families who have passed down their firearms from generation to generation.


Double-barrel shotguns are versatile firearms that can be used for hunting, sport shooting, self-defense, and collecting. Their two barrels provide shooters with an increased chance of hitting their target, while their compact size and weight make them easy to carry around.

Whether you’re a hunter, sport shooter, or collector, a double-barrel shotgun is a valuable addition to any firearm collection.