There are numerous ways to carry a handgun concealed. All have pros, some have quite a few cons. For some people, practicality is the determining factor of carry method. For others, coolness plays more of a role. No matter what, there’s a method which has grown in popularity more frequently than others; appendix carry. Is this method right for you? Read about the pros and cons below!


What is it?

Appendix carry is the concealment of your pistol in the from waistband of your pants, generally in the region of (you guessed it) your appendix. No surprises here, so let’s move on to the cons, first.


The Bad

The first issue you may run into when considering appendix carry is your level of fitness. If you’ve got the body type where your gut hangs over your belt buckle then this method of concealed carry is not for you. Having your gut hang over the grip of your pistol, rubbing back and forth, is(I hear, anyway) mighty uncomfortable. Hopefully, this is not a problem you have. Shooting success requires fitness! If you are serious about protecting yourself, simply carrying a handgun is not nearly enough. Nonetheless, if you find yourself in this category, this method of carry is unlikely to make you happy.

The second problem which may concern you is trouble drawing your weapon while crouched or hunched forward(even with no gut). The position of the handgun makes drawing from a hunch or crouch nearly impossible, as your body is obstructing the guns draw path. This can present a problem because it is unlikely, in the event you have to pull your pistol in self defense, that you will be comfortably standing upright and at the ready.

The third concern most people have is the placement of the gun. In the event your pistol was discharged while in the holster, the round would likely strike your genitals and, maybe, your femoral artery. Now, this is a training issue. You need to drill holstering with your finger off the trigger. Just keep in mind, most negligent discharges occurs during training. Extra care must be taken with re-holstering in this carry method.


The Good

Now that we’ve dispensed with the unpleasantries, let’s cover the pros!

Concealment is many people’s reason for choosing this carry position. When a pistol is carried on your hip it can be more challenging to conceal, dependent on clothing and weather. When the gun is carried in front of you, clothing naturally makes it easier to conceal.

Some have said they feel the draw to presentation from appendix carry is faster. This may be a matter of personal preference; you can achieve impressive speeds with most draw methods if you practice diligently enough.

The appendix carry is also easier to draw from some awkward positions(aside from the forward hunch mentioned above). Pulling your weapon while on your back, for example, is easier with this method of concealment.


At the end of the day, practice of any carry method will make you proficient, and personal preference plays a key role as well. Remember to train how you fight, and carry proven gear. And if you need anything to complete your everyday carry load out, contact our team at Liberty Shooting Sports!