Magazines for a Variety of Firearms

Whether you are searching for a spare, replacement, or more firing capacity, we have the magazines you need to fit your firearm.

A magazine, or mag, is a holding device that feeds bullets into your firearm. Just like your firearm, these magazines need to be cleaned, serviced, and eventually replaced to keep your gun firing reliably. These mags come in a variety of different models, such as high-capacity drum magazines, half-moon clips, and stripper clips. While some mags can fit multiple firearms, your gun will not function properly without the right magazine. At Liberty Shooting Sports, we offer a wide selection of magazines compatible with your firearm.

High-Capacity Drum Magazines

If you're in the market for high capacity drum magazines designed for your firearm, look no further. We offer a wide variety of top manufacturing brands and calibers compatible with your gun.

No matter the firearm, we’ve got you covered. We carry the best, most affordable selection of magazines that meet your needs. Whatever you’re looking for, Liberty Shooting Sports will have it priced fair and ready to ship.

Standard Capacity Magazines

A standard capacity magazine is the factory issues magazine that comes with your firearm when shipped from the manufacturer. These are usually the most reliable option for your firearm as they are designed to specifically function best with your gun. If you need a replacement or spare, Liberty Shooting Sports has a variety of standard magazines compatible with your firearm.

Browse our collection of standard capacity magazines. From Ruger to Magpul, we know you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Magazine Accessories

Looking for a benchloader or aligner to make loading and unloading your firearm hassle-free? Liberty Shooting Sports offers a variety of top brands for magazine accessories that will take your firearm game to the next level. Shop online now to find the right accessories for your magazine.