Modern Derringers for Self Defense

If you’re looking for an affordable modern derringer for self defense then you’ve found the right place!  Everyone should have a way to protect themselves and a derringer is a great option!

We can help you find the best prices on derringers right here! Any Texan knows that we take care of our friends and neighbors and Liberty Shooting Sports is no different.

Our Goals…


Save Money


Shoot More


Have Fun



Liberty Shooting Sports carries several models of Bond Derringers ready to protect you today!

9mm Luger

357 Mag / 38 SPL

45 LC / 410 B

Who We Are

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We’re shooters just like you!

Liberty Shooting Sports is an online retailer for firearms and ammunition and, guess what? Since we’re online only…we don’t have a storefront! So that helps us keep our prices as low as possible and be competitive in todays market.

And we ship your ammo right to your door!

*Firearms must be sent to an FFL holder, some states require an FOID for ammo purchases.

How can we keep our prices as low as we do? Because we have direct relationships with many of the of manufacturers out there today and we do our best to buy in bulk so we can bring you the best prices all year long for all your firearm and ammo needs!

Looking for a new gun? We can help with that! How about concealed carry, hunting or home defense options? We cover all the bases!

Need a few ideas or a little advice? Check out our blog here that’s full of helpful articles.

Derringer Selection

Shop our selection of Modern Derringers from Rimfire calibers to tried and true 45-70.

Any firearm can be a very personal choice and derringers are no different. Being able to find that one derringer that fits and feels just right is exactly what every shooter wants. Weather your shooting targets, a robber on the street or home intruders, you’ll want to be able to count on your derringer for years to come.

Weather you find a 22 Magnum for your wife or daughter, or a 45/410 for yourself. Let Liberty Shooting Sports help you find your safe zone.