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Looking for knives near White Center, Washington? Whether you’re a hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman or protector — Liberty Shooting Sports offers top quality hunting and pocket knives! Find a perfect, affordable knife for any situation or lifestyle that lasts for years to come. We offer hunting knives, tactical knives, multi-tool pocket knives, small pocket knives, camping knives and more. 

Major Selection at Affordable Pricing

Liberty Shooting Sports offers you the best hunting knives at affordable pricing. From steel clips for reliable fastening to rubberized handles for better grip, our large selection of knives are the perfect tool for every hunter, fisherman, or outdoorsman or woman. If you’re wondering what kind of hunting knife is best for you, here are some things to consider. 

  • Intent of use: If you use your hunting knife for field-dressing and skinning game, and cutting rope—a traditional fixed-blade knife will work for you. Or maybe you want a knife that can also be used as a tool for problem solving in the woods. Check out our wide variety of knives created for different purposes and functions
  • Size: When it comes to hunting, the size of your knife is crucial. You’ll need a knife that is proportional to the size of your game. Trying to dress small game with a large knife is useless, and the opposite is true for large game. For a general knife size, aim for a 4-inch blade regardless of what you’re hunting. 

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  • Fixed or Folding: Whether you need a fixed blade or a folding blade depends on how often you hunt. If you’re a regular hunter, a fixed blade might be better for you. If this is only an occasional hobby, go for a folding blade. The reason is that a fixed blade hunting knife is more powerful and efficient for getting the job done—but it’s not as easy to carry around. If you’re a regular hunter, carry around a fixed blade knife. But if you’re going to use the knife for other things while you’re not out hunting twice a year, the fixed blade is more convenient.  Considering the steel type when purchasing a hunting knife is crucial. Stainless steel or carbon are among the best types of steel to have.

Pocket Knives near White Center, Washington

Find the strength and precision you need in an everyday blade that will stand up to the challenge. Our wide selection of pocket knives come in a myriad of colors, styles, sizes, functions, and designs. Before you purchase a pocket knife you want, you’ll need to think about what kind of blade edge you want. The type of cutting you do with a knife will help you determine which type of blade you’ll need.

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Plain Edge Pocket Knives

A plain edge pocket knife is good for a push cut, which is a cut made when pushing into an object such as peeling or cutting into an apple. The cutting is precise and the single sharp edge allows you to have better control and accuracy. The plain edge knife is good for shaving and skinning animals, but not for cutting rough or dense things like rope and bread that require pull cuts.

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Serrated Edge Pocket Knives

This type of edge is required for pull cutting, which looks like pulling the knife across something to cut it. The serrations in the edge are thinner than a plain edge knife. This creates added pressure when running them across something, which creates additional strength needed to cut through an object.

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The Liberty Difference

Liberty Shooting Sports provides only the best new and used firearms, ammunition and defense equipment. Our mission is to provide you with a wide variety of the highest quality firearms and knives, and accessories at the lowest prices. From product searches to reliable shipping, we guarantee a quality experience and excellence in service. Contact us today to find quality knives near White Center, Washington!

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