A good knife is one of mankind’s oldest tools. Before we could forge metal, people would chip away at stone to make rudimentary blades. After all, humans don’t have claws or fangs, but we can fashion cutting tools. Thousands of years later, the knife remains an important part of everyday life…even if the reasons have changed. We’re going to discuss below what to look for when choosing your EDC knife!


What’s ‘EDC’?

EDC stands for every day carry. Quite simply, this is something you plan on carrying with you every day. So, and EDC knife should be one you plan on having on your person.


What’s the Purpose of Your Knife?

Just like any tool or weapon, there will always be compromises based on design. The number of situations you may face is simply too great to have a tool which flawlessly completes every task. You need to take an honest look, then, at what situations you will most likely face. For most of us living in the United States, having a blade only meant for combat is not a practical choice. This becomes especially true if we are also carrying a firearm. The knife, then, should serve many secondary functions. It can of course be used as a backup weapon, or a form of weapon retention. It should also serve utility purposes. When choosing an EDC knife, you want to get the most out of it.

As a side note, this article is advice for choosing an EDC knife in a civilian context. If you are a law enforcement or military professional, your needs may be different!


One Edge or Two?

Throughout history, there have been single edged knives and double edged knives. An excellent breakdown of possible historical reasons can be found here. For modern purposes, however, the distinction is fairly simple. Most modern double edged knives are purpose built for fighting. They excel at defensive tasks, but are not nearly as effective for utilitarian tasks. In many more restrictive places, double edged knives are not legal for civilian carry. For these reasons, choosing a single edged blade for your EDC knife is probably the wisest choice.


Fixed Blade or Folding?

This question is a bit trickier. A fixed blade knife is a knife where the blade is attached to the handle and does not move, fold, or compress. They are stronger than folding knives, and are often the choice for camp knives or hunting knives. A quality fixed blade is a fantastic all-around tool. It can fight well, split wood, open boxes, and strike a flint. However, those benefits come at the cost of size, weight, and legality. Some states have made it illegal to carry a fixed blade knife in public. And, because of its size, the fixed blade is significantly less convenient to carry.

We come then to the folding knife. Even here you have a plethora of options. Various sizes, opening mechanisms, and companies. It is not as strong or durable as a quality fixed blade, but it can easily be tucked into a pocket and forgotten about until you need it. For most of us, the fixed blade is all we’ll ever need in day-to-day life.


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