If you’ve paid any attention to the mainstream news over the past several years, you’ve seen someone maligning the AR 15 rifle. You’ve heard how “no one needs an AR 15” or how it is a “weapon of war”. As is often the case with these popular public issues, very few actual experts are ever interviewed. In truth, there is a reason the AR is one of the most popular weapons in America. Some of the uses may actually surprise you!


Home Defense

If you spend any time researching firearms, you’ll encounter opinions on the perfect weapon for this or that scenario. The AR 15 rifle, however, can be a great choice for home defense…with the appropriate ammo and accessories. There are a variety of ammunition types, many now specially formulated to be used in the confines of a home. This doesn’t remove responsibility from you for rounds you fire, but can help mitigate any over-penetration.

One of the biggest advantages of the AR 15 as a weapons platform is the plethora of options for it. It is an extremely modular system, and there are aftermarket parts for almost any amount of customization you could want. For a home defense weapon, you can pick a rifle with a shorter barrel. You’ll also want to have a light attached to your weapon. In addition, there are a variety of sights you can get which are specially designed for low light.

The other huge advantage to using the AR 15 Rifle is the recoil. Though many think of the gun as a battlefield weapon, the standard chambering(either .223 or 5.56) is not an overly large round. Recoil is extremely manageable, even for weaker people or those of smaller stature.


Competition Shooting

For many, competition shooting is their chosen hobby. If you are engaging in three gun shooting, the AR 15 rifle is a piece of the puzzle. If you’re not interested in shooting anything but the rifle, there are plenty of options for that, too. Because of the customization and ease of recoil, the AR 15 rifle is a pleasant shooting experience for most people. When you aren’t worried about kickback bruising your shoulder, you can really focus on your shooting fundamentals.



It might surprise you to learn that the AR 15 rifle is fairly popular for hunting. Some states do not allow semi-automatic weapons for hunting, so be sure to check with your state and local laws. In places where it is legal, an AR might make a great hunting rifle. True, it’s likely not a good choice for bear or any large game, but the proper cartridge can take down even a large deer(with good shot placement; hit that range). Because the weapon is so versatile, it is extremely easy to set up a longer-barreled AR 15 rifle with a scope for hunting shots. As an added benefit, if you are hunting and something goes wrong(like a feral hog charging at you), you have the ability to rapidly dump rounds to protect your own life. Options are always a good thing to have!